A Movement Grows

Tijuana Innovadora began five years ago as an amazing conference with renowned speakers and eye-opening pavilions. It was founded on a powerful concept: We can change Tijuana.

We have organized two additional conferences since then, which have drawn tens of thousands of visitors at a time to hear Nobel Prize winners, international newsmakers and regional innovation leaders.

But we’re more than a great conference every two years. Tijuana Innovadora has evolved into a movement that is working 365 days a year to build on our foundation.

We have organized ourselves into units, which we call “Spheres of Influence.” Each unit is developing projects semi-autonomously, supported by a central office that handles administrative, legal, communication and marketing functions. All spheres are united by our guiding principles, however: To improve Tijuana’s quality of life, to make the most of the Tijuana-San Diego relationship and to position our region to be the most successful in the world.

Spheres of Influence


Fashion design is a creative industry that generates business. The InnovaModa Sphere organizes activities that bring all manner of participants together to expand this business.

This Sphere works with students, business people, the textile sector, production networks, designers, modeling agencies and investors interested in elevating this discipline.That’s how we generate jobs in the fashion industry and promote the artistic and economic development of Tijuana.

This years, InnovaModa will present workshops, panel discussions, internationally renowned speakers and, of course, our traditional fashion show, which has become the leading event in the Tijuana-San Diego region.

We want to be more than fashionable. We want to create the fashion.

Ana de Gurria --- ana.innovamoda@tijuanainnovadora.com
Marcela Mendoza --- marcela.innovamoda@tijuanainnovadora.com